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SME Storage and Logistics provides its customers with a wide range of services:


Storage Services

Storage services for any purpose, for any size and time period! come to our site…Read more


Logistics Services

State-of-the-art logistics management solutions, tailor-fitted to…Read more


Container rental / sales

Looking for a safe and temporary storage solution? All the solutions in all sizes…Read more


Crane projects

Our company specializes in carrying out crane-related tasks for any unit size…Read more

More Services

Special Projects

SME Storage and Logistics provides its customers with a special projects – for more details dial 04-8722550

Services For Gas & Oil Production Companys

Services For Gas & Oil Production Companys

Our company specializes in providing the necessary services to producing oil and gas Companies…Read more



SME Storage and Logistics Ltd. also offers a range of solutions for the exhibitions field…Read more

Relocating Production Facilities

Relocating Production Facilities

An additional expertise we at SME Storage and Logistics hold is the transportation….Read more

Business Profile

31 years of experience speak for themselves!

The Max Keren -SME Group provides its customers with the best possible service thanks to its long experience in the transportation and logistics fields. Our extensive experience has taught us that in order to be the best in our field; we must provide separate professional service for each sub-field. Therefore, the Group is divided into three sister-companies, each with its own specialty, employing skilled professionals whose job is to meet our customers’ needs.

This division enables us to provide personal and professional service in a narrow sub-field of transportation, and at the same time, to provide expert services for complicated and complex projects and provide solutions for any storage or logistics problem.

The Group provides a wide array of services for the import/export sector, both directly or via Customs agents and international cargo shipments.

Our most valuable asset is our team of employees, including professional drivers. Our Group employs a system of quality control and internalization of best-practices. Our employees run the system with dedication throughout the year, night and day. At night, the on-duty team prepares the following day’s activities and ensures that all our tasks are performed to the highest standards.

Our three companies, SME Storage and Logistics, SME Transportation Services, and Max Keren – Heavy Transportation, combine to make aprofessional group of approximately 110 individuals, all experts in the logistics and transportation fields.

The Group’s values:

On-time, meticulous performance of all tasks, and provision of precise, detailed, and reliable information to our customers at any time.

The Group’s advantages:

  •  We provide logistical solutions by using state-of-the-art technology to streamline processes involving transportation, import, acquisitions, distribution, and storage.
  • We employ a staff of experts who oversee quality control and policy application in our company. These dedicated employees help our system move smoothly throughout the year, day and night.
  • 110 employees in the group
  • We own a fleet of tracks, semitrailers, and an array of towed vehicles which together can perform every kind of transport task, including transport of hazardous materials, of oversize cargo, and more.

We have access to three operational sites adjacent to a Port of Haifa gate which together span over 75,000 square meters. covered area in total is 8,500 square meters.
The three sites have a single entrance and exit point, 24-hours a day security guards, and a security system equipped with closed-circuit cameras whose output is under surveillance of a security company.

Our Fleet

SME offers a wide range of transport and lifting for all your needs. All equipment is regularly maintained and meets or exceeds all safety requirements:

* 20 trailers
* 45 van trucks 12-27 ton
* 22 forklifts ranging from 1.5 tons to 45 tons
* 5 cranes at different sizes

Keep in touch !

Our representatives are happy to be of service regarding any matter, Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
For service at any hour, call 04-8722550 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.


Contact info

Haifa Branch:

*Sara Ben Simon

Director of Logistics Department

053-7254863 / 04-8722550

*Dana Lavi

Marketing Manager


Ashdod  Branch:



08-8521957 / 052-9594852

Fax Numbers:

Haifa Branch: 04-8722606

Ashdod Branch: 08-8522283

Our Address:

Derech Gazal 65 st, Hof Shemen, Haifa, Israel

Postal address:

P.O. Box 10206, Bay of Haifa, 26111, Israel


We are open:

Sunday – Friday 08:00-17:00

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